Who we are



DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING, innovative Start Up, is part of the DATA PROJECT Software Network, working on the Market for about ten years.

It develops and distributes on the national and international territory, through a net of authorized Partners, software / hardware control solutions tailored to the specific needs of Companies.

The great experience gained by the Company structure, combined with a technical expertise of excellence, allows it to design and implement, through a careful study of research and development, new software and technologies that brings Companies to always be at the forefront of new trends technology and market needs.

DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING presents itself to the Market with a competitive offer, characterized by a level of performance, reliability and contents, which is second to none.

Always committed to provide the Customer with products and services for consultancy, design and development, production, sales and training, is proposed as a preferred partner for companies looking for high quality solutions for primary needs.

DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING guarantees a valuable contribution in terms of experience, competence and professionalismat the service of the great Company. The area of ​​specific competence is the development of complex projects tailored to the Customer, always aimed at the future.

DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING bases its solutions on software and hardware technology to realize highly evolved systems; it is therefore a true "competence center" with a portfolio of specialist solutions and services with high added value.