In an increasingly selective and competitive Market, the focus on the individual Customer and the high quality of the services provided are fundamental elements for the success and growth of a Company.

DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING has always offered a wide range of solutions dedicated to its Customers and Partners, divided into five main areas:


The comparison with the global Market requires Companies a degree of flexibility and readiness. The ability to react quickly to changes, modifying procedures and strategies, can only be practicable in the face of the existence of a solid, efficient and dynamic Management Information System, able to fast adapt to new requests.

DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING answers to this need, offering consultancy on implementation projects, customizations and personalized software, in order to guarantee the best business results and the most satisfactory automation of Company processes. In most cases it supports the Customer to determine which are the appropriate devices on which to build the software / hardware best suited to His needs.



The strength of DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING is to research, design and develop innovative software and hardware solutions for its Customers. The activity is carried out in close relationship with both the internal management, able to direct the sectors and areas on which to implement new solutions, and with the research and development divisions of the software and hardware vendors of our Partners.

The guidelines of the research and development division are the identification of innovative IT solutions, the growth of Company competitiveness in new Market areas and the consistency of implementation, through design, business case, revision, testing and deployment support.


DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING is a modern and innovative Company. Our activities, which allow us to realize the best solutions, combine the flexibility of the production process, the advanced technology and many years of experience of the professionals that make it up, are suitable to achieve a high innovative content, excellent quality and design.



DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING is able to guide and assist the Customer in the best choice for his needs, whether it is hardware, or software, proposing standard or peculiar solutions, after analyzing the specific needs.

The software that is recommended can be "branded" or "vertical", made specifically for each individual Customer and often created ad hoc. This area includes current solutions (which until a few months ago represented the future) as "web oriented" management systems, electronic control systems, automatic cash machines, cash control, apps, etc.


Training is a distinctive element for anyone who really wants to compete in the Market. DATA PROJECT ENGINEERING offers his Clients and Partners a careful and constantly updated training proposal through the high qualification of the personnel. The training courses are divided into areas and include theoretical and applicative work sessions, aimed at increasing product knowledge and developing staff competence.